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What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect

Your Marketing Fee Includes:
Property Setup
Initial Inspection
Market Analysis
For Rent Sign
Lock Box
Focused Marketing
Showing Property
Guaranteed Tenant Screening
Lease Negotiation
Leasing Instructions
Document Preparation
Property Owners –
Get a quote from a licensed professional within 20 Minutes and have your home marketed within
20 hours of sign up!
Long-Term Property Owner's Agreement
Your Management Fee Includes:
Document/Lease Filing
Direct Deposits into your account
On-Demand Access to Your Account Information
Holding Tenants Security Deposits in Our Trust Account
Prompt Rent Collections and Deposits
Active Management
Coordinating Repairs and Maintenance
Payments for Required Repairs and Maintenance24 Hour Emergency Contact
Automated Email Notifications
Active Communication
Tenant’s Notice Preparation and Delivery
Security Deposits/Expense Disbursement
Monthly Financial Reporting
Tenant Eviction if Necessary
Move-Out Inspection/Pictures/Report

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We are so confident in our tenant screening, we GUARANTEE that if your tenant breaks the lease within the first 90 days of occupancy, Tenney Property Management will find you a new qualified renter at NO COST to you.

This strategic service can save you thousands of dollars and sleepless nights. There are only a few things worse than knowing that your Investment is being destroyed and only so much you can do about it. The bad part is, repairs may not be your only problem. Court costs and lost rents can end up costing you more time and money then you would ever spend on good management services.

Because we know how important this is to both of us, we do not cut any corners when screening potential tenants.

Our Tenant Screening services include:

  • Running a credit check for every occupant over 18 years old.
  • Running a criminal/background check for every occupant over 18 years old.
  • Verifying employment.
  • Contacting previous Landlords for status of past rentals.
  • Getting a copy of the tenants Drivers License or Social Security Card.
  • Meeting with the potential tenants.

Active Management

We focus on avoiding problems rather than spending our time on solving problems. This approach differentiates us from our competitors, resulting in higher values and increased levels of satisfaction, service, and resident retention for our clients’ properties. It is for this reason, among many others, that the smartest investors choose Tenney Property Management.

Maintenance and Repairs

We perform routine inspections to check on the property and the tenancy a minimum of every six months without charge.

We perform detailed move-in and move-out inspections with several pictures attached for evidence of your property’s condition. (Click here to view a sample Condition Report.)

We perform routine inspection at a minimum of once every six months. (Click here to view a sample Routine Inspection Report.)We email reports to you in a PDF format that will be posted to your account on our secured website following each inspection. You will be notified of any concerns pertaining to these inspections.

We have Zero Tolerance for late rent. We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest technology and having systems in place to minimize late rents including phone calls, SMS (text messages), emails, and letters for reminders. We are also one of a small number of property management agencies in Arizona that allows Epayments for paying rent online by checking account, or automatic monthly withdrawals.

Rent Collections & Deposits

With our service, collecting rent is effortless. We do all the work and direct deposit the funds into your account on the 15th of every month. Statements are delivered to your email as well as viewable 24/7 through our secure website.

We also provide a 90 day tenant guarantee. If the tenant we place in your property stops paying rent for whatever reason within the first 90 days of lease signing, we will re-rent your property for free.

Routine Inspections

By performing routine inspections a minimum of once every six months, the tenant knows we will be checking up on them without overwhelming them. This is a great opportunity for us to inspect the needs of the property and the tenant.

One of our employees will set up an appointment with your tenant or give proper notice in accordance with Arizona State Law in order to perform a routine inspection and take pictures.

Click Here to view a sample Routine Inspection Report.

These reports will be emailed to you in a PDF format and posted to your account online following each inspection. You will be notified of any concerns pertaining to these inspections.

Active Communication

We understand the importance of keeping you informed of all matters affecting your property.

  • If you contact us during normal business hours (9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday) we guarantee that we will return your call that same business day.
  • You will be given access to our secure website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regarding the accounting, rent payments, reports, status, and other important information about your property.
  • We will inform you of any potential tenants interested in renting your property.
  • Every tenant application received on your property will be referred to you for your decision unless we are instructed otherwise.
  • We will inform you if your tenant is more than 5 days late on the rent
  • We will inform you of every issue affecting your property and your tenants
  • If necessary, we will consult with you each step of the way when going through the eviction process.
  • We will inform you the same day your tenant gives notice to vacate.
  • We will advise you when your tenant intends to renew the lease agreement and will consult with you about lease renewal rates and terms.

In-House Leasing Agents

Each member of our staff is a licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Arizona and will respond to all inquiries with expediency. They are each trained in our organized and effective leasing process.

Maintenance and Repairs

We use a combination of our in-house licensed contractor and a variety of independent contractors, giving you quality work, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing.

  • Detailed records.
  • An In-house Licensed/Bonded/Insured Contractor.
  • Tenants staying comfortable and happy.
  • Less down time for your property which means less vacancy.
  • Before and after pictures being taken of each project and emailed to you, the owner
  • The coordinating and scheduling being taken care of
  • Supervision and inspection of any work being done on your property.
  • Minimizing your repairs and maintenance expenses.
  • Any expenses above the agreed amount being authorized by you, the owner.
  • Detailed invoices.